Welcome to News Manager - the online application that allows you to create, edit, modify, delete and change a number of settings of your news messages that need to be posted (published) on the homepage of your website.
It's the link to the news homepage of your website that will usually be available for all internet users. The news homepage is usually the primary webpage, the one that is presented as first when someone comes across your website.
This link allows you to compose a news message, just like an email program can allow you to compose a new email message. The news message that you create here will not be posted (published) right away on the news homepage, but it will be saved and it can be modified after saving. The status of publishing can be added by the administrator.
This webpage provides a lot of options related to your news messages. You can swap two different news messages, changing the order in which they appear on the homepage. You can delete a news message that no longer needs to be posted. You can change the font styles of the messages. You can alter the content of any news message as well as its date and time.
By selecting this option you will be able to add a picture to any news message, to make your homepage more appealing to internet users. Pictures are not mandatory, they are optional, but they cannot exceed a reasonable size. In fact, any image accompanying your news message should be quite small, usually not exceeding 100x100 pixels.
Authorized access for the news administrator, who can change some privileges on the application.



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